We offer a premium and friendly advice on finding, buying, marketing, selling and investing in residential or commercial property in Montenegro of every description – from apartments, houses, luxury villas, and modern new builds to plots of land, farms and ruins.

We aim to understand our clients and their needs before introducing them to the selected properties to fit their criteria. With access to the entire property market of Montenegro, finding the suitable property is only the first step of our service.

We monitor every aspect of your purchase, defining all the relevant details of the purchase and its implications.

When you are happy to go ahead we will negotiate on your behalf, we then continue to monitor each next step to a successful signing of contract, working closely with your lawyer (we can introduce you to a reputable licensed lawyer in Montenegro). We aim to negotiate the best possible terms for you and to carry out full due diligence.

Our team knows the opportunities and the obstacles. We will be happy to guide you through the process, using our experience to make sure that you get the best results with the minimum of pressure.

Whether you hope to maximize the value of a property that you are selling, or purchase property in the most efficient and friendly way, we can help, please feel free to contact us.

We selectively source new investment opportunities in Montenegro for our clients, giving them straightforward, commercially sound and objective advice. Our team is ideally placed to provide a source of expertise to anyone active or interested in the property investment world.


Your Investment Adviser

From site sourcing through to product delivery, Montenegro Properties offer a fully-integrated consultancy service to developers. We have already become a trustworthy partner to many international developers. We constantly strive to add a value and maximise returns for our investors and developers, enabling them to acquire, manage and exit investments successfully.


Foreign Exchange Services

Privalgo are currency transfer specialists that harness the power of technology and talent to deliver a superior client experience when purchasing your property overseas.

Our partners at Privalgo are proud to be pioneers in harnessing technological innovation to deliver a personal service tailored to your specific foreign exchange requirements.

The result is a risk-free experience saving you time and money, creating a seamless experience throughout your purchasing process.

  • Your currency transfers matter to us, it’s Personal
  • Fast, secure payments with unrivalled accuracy
  • A dedicated relationship manager to provide meaningful market insight and strategy
  • Bank- beating exchange rates with no hidden fees
  • Live exchange rates and transparent pricing
  • Market insight and rate alerts to achieve your desired rate
  • Market-leading platform giving you control
  • Payment tracking and advanced reporting
  • Spot trades for locking in rates. Forward contract to mitigate currency fluctuations
  • Market orders utilised for rate optimisation and efficient timing

Media and press enquiries

As one of the most experienced real estate agency in Montenegro, we’re often asked our opinion on certain property market topics and our managers have often been quoted in the media.

If you would like us to comment on anything relating to the property market or to provide a review of the impact of economic and tourism local market development context on the residential and commercial property market, then please contact our marketing representatives at .