Montenegro Citizenship by Investment | Hotel in Kolasin



This fabulous new ski development is going to consist of two hotels, seven apartment blocks and 28 luxury family villas. Nestled in the picturesque town of Kolasin, the project is situated between two major ski resorts.

Investing in hotel in Kolasin will entitle you and your family to apply for citizenship of Montenegro

€250,000 investment into shares of the Kolasin project.

Investors become equity owners by investing in a deeded fractional ownership of the Kolasin Real Estate Development project. The project is available to a total of 240 fractional owners.
21% VAT is included in the final price of €250,000.

It is estimated that investors will get an annual return of 4-5% on their investment after the project is operational.

The holding period of the investment is for 5 years and investors are able to sell this fractional ownership to a new investor.

• Property owner: Kolasin Resort & SPA

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